Monday, November 25, 2019

People Watching essays

People Watching essays Living in a small town limits the number of places people can gather. Driving down the road towards my destination proved to me the lack of variation my town has. While surrounding cities are known for their downtown areas, I live in a city that is made up almost completely of gas stations and strip malls. I was very anxious to get out of my town and into a new atmosphere. As I sit on a bench in downtown Royal Oak I am prepared to see people from all spectrums of life going about their business. It is noon and the park is full of parents with kids, and a few elderly ladies walking around while entertaining themselves with small talk. I walk over to the swings and watch a dad pushing two twin boys who look to be having the time of their life. I can hear the yelps of the boys as Dad pushes them higher and higher. The father, who looks to be in some sort of executive business, has no problem getting his suit dirty to make his kids smile. Soon, a woman in what looks to be her mid thirties joins the group on the swing. She helps the man push the other boy, but after five minutes the boys hug and kiss the man and walk away with the woman. As they walk past my bench I am clued in on what has just happened. Dont worry youll see him next weekend. Dont you want to have fun with Mommy? the woman explains to the tearful boys. Hearing the conversation makes me realize the problems that the young boys are dealing with, and how for the 10 minutes I watched, they were having the best time with their dad. At 12:45, as a force of habit I get in my car and drive to a nearby store. I get out of the car, and notice the difference in Royal Oak and my hometown; I look at my watch and realize it is 12:47; the car trip seemed a waste of time, as I easily could have walked from the park to my second destination. It seems my years of driving from place to place in my town, has rubbed off on me in that it i...

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