Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Change Management Framework in Healthcare Research Paper

Change Management Framework in Healthcare - Research Paper Example The health care managers and professionals obligations and duties is to maintain and acquire the expertise skills needed for them to undertake their managerial and professional tasks. Changes are always around us, and the opportune moment of making the changes participating fully is the way to support. There are various ways to make the transformational changes in the managements of the hospitals and the changes results to the benefits of the healthcare environment. Managing changes is more of handling the complexities involved in the success of that process. It is the planning, evaluating, and operations implementations, the strategies and tactics and making sure the changes taken are more relevant and worthwhile. Change management is a dynamic, complex and a challenging process; it is always a combination of the efforts of the oriented people and the technological solutions as well (Davies, Finlay and Bullman, 2000). To make the changes is a demanding and fatiguing process that involves cooperation of the people at stake. In order to bring in a change or adapt to another situation will require the manager to challenge the standards and the precedents a well as requiring perseverance against some of the norms and habits of the established behaviors. To bring about change requires the manager to have a time commitment. He or she must understand some of the values that matters and his focus to the values that need to change instead of new ones. The manager can check on what is suitable in the healthcare management how it will affect the patients, staff, employees and the society in general. The healthcare manger on evaluating the necessary changes that will be suitable in the health care organization is changing the lives and the environment of the institutions and making it better. Being clear to what is necessarily important and developing proactive actions and responses accordingly is what makes the success of the institution. The key strategies in the

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