Monday, November 18, 2019

Madonna Granduca Painting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Madonna Granduca Painting - Essay Example The essay "Madonna Granduca Painting" focuses on the painting of Madonna Granduca. It is painted with oil on wood and is the size of 84 x 55. The painting shows Madonna holding a baby in her arms. The background is black with the main focus on the baby, with Madonna as the secondary figure of the portrait. The hands of Madonna are holding the baby, with one arm under the baby and one on the stomach, with the presentation of the child on the side. This position is what provides the main focus to the child. The pose that Madonna has is facing the canvas and is in the middle of the portrait. Her head is slightly tilted to the side, which also points toward the child as the main figure. Her eyes in this particular portrait are closed and pointing downward, specifically to show a presentation of care for the child. The hand of the child is on the heart of Madonna, which shows the relationship between the two. The pose that is in this painting is able to show the sacredness of the child as well as the motherly figure that is a part of Madonna. The colors that are used with this painting also help with the association of the child as the main figure. The background being black helps to present the portrayal of the child. The contrast with the child is from the cream and peach texture and color that stands out as the brighter part of the picture. The Madonna is wearing a green robe and red dress, both which fade into the bottom part of the picture. The texture that is used with the colors is richer.

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