Saturday, February 1, 2020

World Politics Trend and Transformation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

World Politics Trend and Transformation - Essay Example Waltz on expressing his neorealist conceptualization of the determinants of international behavior claims: "international structure emerges from the interaction of states and then constrains them from taking certain actions while propelling them toward others"1. The analysis of modern economic and integration processes occurring in it allows to allocate two basic tendencies. One of them is quantitative growth of the countries incorporated in the various international economic unions and other international economic alliances that is the evidence of increase of globalization of economy. The other tendency is continuous perfection of forms and methods of realization of world economic integration that speaks about deep qualitative changes occurring in this process. At the present stage the international economic integration has reached global scales. Globalization of economy represents the maximum form of the international economic integration. ...ic integration have had only one form of its realization - the international trade, the stage of globalization alongside with it assumes moving of labor, capital, scientific and technical knowledge, and information in planetary scale. Thus, at a stage of globalization the international economic integration gets not only more significant quantitative characteristics, but also new more developed forms. Globalization is a complex and developing process, which present stage represents only its initial level of development. Today within the limits of globalization there is a formation and organization of the international economic alliances, and alongside with it is creation of the international (transnational) corporations and financial centers. Let us try to summarize the reasons for the rapid development of integration processes in economy on a boundary the 20th and 21st centuries. From a number of the reasons and factors it is possible to allocate three core reasons: 1. The amplified competitive struggle caused by essential growth of scales of manufacture compels business to "cross" its national borders in searches of the best conditions of activity. 2. The favorable political circumstances, which have developed in second half 20th century: the disintegration of the colonial system, which have caused necessity of an establishment in the world of the new economic order, and the termination of Cold War, the period of opposition of two social and economic systems, allowed to consolidate the world community and to consider the world as complete system. Â  

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